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asbestos lung cancerAs you may be aware, studies have linked lung cancer with smoking. Lung cancer can also be caused by exposure to asbestos. When both of these factors are present – smoking and asbestos exposure – an individual is 50 to 80 times more likely to develop lung cancer compared to the general population.

At Bevan & Associates LPA, Inc., our attorneys have represented thousands of Ohioans with asbestos-related diseases (including lung cancer) for over a decade and we have been successful in obtaining compensation for victims of these diseases and their families.

Several companies used asbestos prior to 1980. We will conduct an investigation to determine where and how the injured worker was exposed to asbestos. Compensation for lung cancer victims (and their families) may be obtained by one or more of the following:

  • Ohio Workers Compensation
  • Products Liability Case (naming manufacturers and suppliers)
  • Bankruptcy Trust Settlements

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