Social Security Disability

Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

social securityDIB: Disability Insured Benefits

These are the benefits you earn by paying FICA taxes. Generally, if you have worked and paid FICA taxes five out of the last 10 years, you have earned your quarters of coverage. If you're young, you need less quarters of coverage due to your expected shorter working period. There is no income means test and your assets are irrelevant for this program.

SSI: Supplemental Security Income

SSI is a poverty-based program. Before you even reach a question of medical eligibility, you must pass a means test. This means if you have assets or other income coming into the home, you are less likely to be eligible for this program. Benefits for disabled children fall under the SSI category and their parents' incomes and assets go through a deeming process to determine eligibility.

Disabled Adult Child

These benefits allows a child of a person who is deceased, or receiving either retirement or disability benefits, to also receive benefits off that parent's earning records. The child must be unmarried, over 18 and their disability must have been present prior to age 22.

Disabled Widow

This allows a disabled widow to claim benefits on their deceased spouse's record as early as age 50.

All of these benefits, except children cases, use the same medical definition of disability, but each has slightly different non-medical requirements you first must meet. Even if you are eligible to receive one type of benefit, you may also be able to collect another type. For example, you can receive both DIB and SSI benefits, known as a concurrent application. But, in some instances, while you may have the eligibility for DIB benefits off your own earnings record (or SSI benefits), you would receive a higher benefit collecting as a disabled adult child or disabled widow. Call us today to discuss your options and to determine for which benefits you may be eligible.

Why do I need to hire an attorney?

An attorney can assist you with your claim at any level. By starting your initial application with an attorney, you can present a consistent claim at every step and on all your forms. Further, an attorney will use the specific language Social Security is looking for to help get your claim approved.

Your attorney will track your case, leaving you free to not worry about deadlines. Your attorney will also work to help obtain the medical records that are needed to prove your case. An attorney can explain the entire process to you, including how any changes in your condition or attempts to return to work may affect your case. Finally, the sooner you have an attorney in your case, the sooner the attorney can acquaint themselves with your conditions and properly prepare for your case. If you wait until your hearing is scheduled to hire an attorney, you run the risk of having your hearing or decision delayed and your attorney not having enough time to obtain your medical records and update your case.

Bevan & Associates LPA, Inc. represents those seeking a variety of Social Security disability benefits, including: disability insured benefits, also called DIB (Title II); SSI (Title XVI); children's SSI benefits; disabled adult child benefits; disabled widow benefits; and cessation of benefits cases. Bevan & Associates LPA, Inc. can review your case and assist you in determining for which benefits you would be eligible.

Bevan & Associates LPA, Inc. can assist you in obtaining Social Security disability benefits in many ways, including:

  • Working with you at all administrative levels.
  • Helping you file your initial application with Social Security.
  • Appealing your denial at reconsideration (if necessary).
  • Appealing your denial to the hearing level and representing you at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (if necessary).
  • Appealing an unfavorable hearing decision to the Appeals Council (if necessary).

We represent claimants in the following hearing office areas and their remote locations:

  • Akron, OH
  • Cincinnati, OH
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  • Columbus, OH
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  • Pittsburgh, PA
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  • Toledo, OH

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